Sipping Yourself to Sleep


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Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I’m

— Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep. It comes easy to some, but not to others. Unfortunately I’m in the latter group, so definitely do not feel reborn in the morning.

While my husband drifts off into a deep and usually uninterrupted sleep, it’s not uncommon for me to remain wide awake. Why? No particular reason. It’s more like 1001 useless reasons that endlessly tick over in my mind, with their only purpose being to keep me from falling asleep. —- rambling thoughts —

I’ve tried a number of things in the past to aid my sleep. I take magnesium supplements, have reduced my daily coffee consumption and even tried meditation. While they have improved my sleep, they haven’t quite solved the problem.

Recently we finished landscaping our backyard and because we like to think we know our way around the kitchen, included a handy little herb garden. As per usual, my husband likes to throw in a couple of exotic things and


Never start in the middle…

…even though according to my husband, that’s where I start all my stories.

Below is the first thing I ever wrote back in March, 2012. *gasp*

I assume every new blogger starts their first post with the reason they decided to jump onto the blog band wagon, so why should I be any different? 

To be honest, I have no inspirational reason (even though my father passed away four years ago), no cooking fetish (although I recently discovered I enjoy it) and definitely no children (well, not yet!).  I’m simply 29 and about to wed my best friend; a best friend who has shown me the true colours of what it is to simply enjoy the journey by chipping away at my long term fear of failure…a possible explanation as to why I never used to enjoy cooking; no one likes dry chicken!

When I first put it to my fiancé that I wanted to start a blog, I naturally led with “I know, it’s probably lame, but…” (again, preparing myself for failure), but was pleasantly surprised when he was supportive, asking what I wanted to blog about.  I paused, realising I hadn’t really asked myself the same question, but had no problem finding the answer.  I feel the need to reflect on the transition from last child at home to wife in a new home and all the things in between.  I know, I can hear the resounding gasp that I’m still living at home at 29, but it was a choice I made after my father passed away as I wasn’t about to leave my Mum on her own unnecessarily.  It will be hard to leave her as I start the next chapter, but I know she’ll lure me back regularly with her homemade pasta, juicy roasts and macaron obsession.  A cooking bench mark I one day hope to reach.

So why not just reflect in a personal journal?  Besides being so 1990s family sticom, there are two main reasons.  I’m an IT Professional, so it’s only natural for me to do this electronically and because other people may find comfort in knowing that there are other people with the same fears and expectations in regards to such a life adjustment.  See which is based on the same philosophy, but on a much deeper scale.

Please join me on my trek of self-discovery (I refuse to use the word ‘journey’ since the introduction of reality television) and help light my way.  You might even get a useful computer tip or two. 

Ugh…hopefully my writing has improved since then. Life has also moved forward in the last 8 years. Thankfully, I’m still married to my best friend, we have two daughter’s together and sadly, my mother passed away when I was three month pregnant with the second one. It was definitely a challenging time trying to support her through her illness while also nursing my own horrendous morning sickness and keeping things as normal as possible for my then one year old.

Thanks for popping in. I hope you enjoyed your time here.

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